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Email Settings

Email UsernameYour full E-mail Address
Incoming Mail Server (POP3) (Port 110 – no SSL)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) (Port 587 – no SSL)
***For outgoing mail you should also set it to require authentication. Then use your same Gotnet email address and password for the username / password to authenticate.


• Mail app (Win 10)
• Windows Live Mail
• Outlook Express (XP only)
• Outlook (Windows versions)
• Mac Mail


Dial-Up Access NumberContact Support at (800) 939-3983
Dial-Up Connection UsernameYour full E-mail Address (
PasswordUsually same as your email password
IP Address / Default GatewayAutomatically Specified


▶ Barracuda Spam Filter settings

▶ Webmail Basics


Connectivity Issues
Most connectivity issues can be resolved by following the below steps.

If you are unable to establish an Internet connection please power cycle your DSL modem simply by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in. Once your DSL modem has been turned back on, power cycle your wireless router (if you have one) and restart your computer system. If you are still unable to establish an Internet connection you can try some of the below suggestions.

Ensure that the connections between your phone jack, DSL modem, wireless router (if you have one), and computer system are properly connected.

DSL Filters
Ensure that any device connected to your phone line other than your DSL modem has a filter attached to it. There should NOT be a filter on the phone line between the modem and the wall.

Factory Reset
If none of the above has corrected your connectivity issue you can perform a factory reset on your DSL modem. This is done by depressing the recessed reset button on the back of your DSL modem for ten seconds while the DSL modem is turned on. Allow 5 minutes for the DSL modem to reset itself and renegotiate a DSL signal.

If your DSL connection speed seems to have slowed down please power cycle your DSL modem by unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in; also power cycle your wireless router if you have one. Perform a speed test at For a 1.5Mbit/second connection your download speed should be around 1200 Kbits/second (1.2Mbps).

Slow Connection Speeds

If your connection speed is with in this range you are running at optimal levels. If things still seem to be moving very slowly it might be a good time to have your computer system serviced.

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